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Quotes by Senator Jesse Helms

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Quotes by Senator Jesse Helms

“Freedom isn’t free. Its prime ingredients are inspiration, dedication and perspiration. The guy who works for a living has neither the time nor inclination to march in protest movements. But he generally has the energy to reach for the next rung on the ladder of life.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 6/27/1966

The right to own, manage and secure property is not merely the most sacred of ‘human rights’—it is the very basis of civilization. When a country begins to disregard property rights, that is an unfailing symptom of barbarism ahead.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 9/2/1968

“The problem is, we are ignoring our friends all around the world and trying to co-exist with an atheistic, communistic movement, trying to buy time when we ought to be standing up with and for people who believe in freedom.”
–Senator Jesse Helms,10/19/1978

“The Lord did not make me impossible of error. All I’ve had to offer you is the total dedication of serving in you as best I know how. And I’ve always leveled with you, and always will, knowing full well that everyone will not agree with me.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 7/30/1984

“This is the season of promising politicians. They come out like cockroaches this season of the year … Let’s take a vote: Everybody against clean air, please raise your hand…I love clean air and I love education. But I love fiscal responsibility, or the hope of it more. If we don’t restore this country to fiscal sanity, we can kiss everything good-bye.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 9/7/1990

“Without spiritual vision, there is no point in resisting aggression. If the purpose of government is merely to regulate society and distribute the production of that society, then we might as well accept the embrace of a totalitarian society.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 1/27/1997

“…The money we spend on the UN is not charity. To the contrary, it is an investment – an investment from which the American people rightly expect a return. They expect a reformed UN that works more efficiently and which respects the sovereignty of the United States.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 1/20/2000

“At this point, believing as I do that an honest confession is pretty good for the soul, I think it’s about time that I make a confession that I have been lacking too long in doing something really significant about AIDS….but I tell you I’m not going to lay it aside on my agenda for the remaining months I have as a United States Senator.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 2/20/2002

“As I approach the end of my five terms in the Senate, I realize that being remembered isn’t important. What is important is standing up for what you believe to be right, hoping that you have done everything you can to preserve the moral and spiritual principles that made America great in the first place.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 10/02/2002

“From my earliest days I was taught to respect all people. It is just that simple. I didn’t need to shift my position because it was always on the side my parents expected me to take and modeled by their example. I never took the time to argue with the nonsense claims that I was a racist because I knew the truth and more importantly every African-American with whom I had ever enjoyed a friendship or who worked with me in any capacity knew the truth, too.”
–Senator Jesse Helms, 2005

Reflections about Senator Jesse Helms by Famous Leaders

“You deserve every word of praise for everything you have done, not only for the great United States, but for peace in the world. The world of freedom and a law governed liberty and democracy. We are all in your debt.”
– Lady Baroness Margaret Thatcher

“There are two million people alive in Africa today because Jesse Helms did the right thing.”
– U2 Frontman Bono

“I am going to sincerely miss you, Jesse. And we are going to miss your courtly manners. We are going to miss the fact that whenever there is a crunch, one of the first guys to step up to offer help is Jesse Helms….I have no doubt you will still be there for the rest of us. We need you.”
– Vice President Joe Biden (at the time a U.S. Senator)

“Just as only Nixon could go to China, only Helms could fix the UN.”
– Vice President Joe Biden (at the time a U.S. Senator)

“I have admired his dedication to his views, though I may strongly disagree with them, and his commitment to his constituents in North Carolina. There were certainly several occasions when I wished I had Senator Helms fighting on my side. When the battle was done, there were no hard feelings….You would be hard pressed to find a nicer man in the U.S. Senate.”
– U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA)