BB&T Program on Capitalism

In conjunction with Wingate University, the Jesse Helms Center is pleased to present the BB&T Program on the Moral Foundations of Free Enterprise. The program offers lectures at Wingate University for students and the general public on capitalism and other economics-based topics. Policy experts and academic faculty share presentations each semester. This lecture series is made possible by a grant from the BB&T Corporation.

Our Spring 2017 speaker was Dr. Michael Munger, professor of Economics at Duke University. His speech, “Tomorrow 3.0: The Sharing Economy” took place February 16th, 2017.

Past speakers:

John Fund, National Affairs Columnist, National Review Magazine
2016 Election Insider Briefing – Fall 2016

Emily Ekins, Research Fellow at the Cato Institute
“Are Millennials America’s Socialist Generation?” – Spring 2016

Dr. James Otteson, Executive Director of the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism
“Adam Smith on Justice and Social Justice” – Fall 2015

Adam Smith, Director of the Center for Free Market Studies at Johnson & Wales
“Regulation Nation: A Fresh Perspective of How Special Interest Groups Influence Politics” – Spring 2015

Dawn Fotopulos, Associate Professor, The Kings College
“The Future of Small Business for Tomorrow’s Graduates” – Fall 2014

Dr. Kim Holmes, former Assistant Secretary of State
“Rebound – Getting America Back to Great” – Spring 2014

Ben Freeth, Zimbabwe farmer and Human Rights Activist
Mugabe and the White Africa – Fall 2013

J. Scott Moody, CEO of The Maine Heritage Policy Center
“The REAL Fiscal Cliff” – Spring 2013

Dr. Peter Calcagno, College of Charleston
“The National Debt Crisis: Does it Depend on Politics” – Fall 2012

Dr. Tyler Cowen, George Mason University
“The Great Stagnation” – Spring 2012

Dr. Robert Lawson, Southern Methodist University
“Economic Freedom and the Wealth and Health of Nations” – Fall 2011

Dr. Dan Hammond, Wake Forest University
“Milton Friedman and the Federal Reserve: Then and Now” – Spring 2011

John Hawkins, President of Leadership Edge, Inc.
“Ethical Leadership: Why Doing the Right Thing is Not Enough” – Fall

Dr. Paul Bonicelli, Houston Baptist University
“Democracy is Development: Why Free Societies and Free Markets are
the Keys to Sustainable Economic Growth” – Spring 2010

Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal
“Regaining Prosperity” – Fall 2009

Inaugural Lecture as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series:

John Allison, BB&T Corporation
“Principled Leadership” – Spring 2009

For more information about the BB&T Program on the Moral Foundations of Free Enterprise (including the BB&T Fellows Program and the Foundations of Free Enterprise Course taught at the school) contact Peter Frank at Wingate University via e-mail: