Jesse Helms Archives Digital Collection

Examples from our Digital Collection

A few examples of the items you can in our Digital Collection. Left to Right: Senator Helms and Senator Joe Biden, Tobacco Programs Billboard, Senator Helms and President Ronald Reagan.

The Jesse Helms Center Archives is dedicated to providing researchers with access to our collection in a variety of formats. Utilizing technology is essential for us to fulfill our mission. Digitization provides online access to researchers interested in our textual and non-textual records. This is an ongoing project and we will continually add to our online collections.

In office from Watergate to the 9/11 attacks and serving with seven Presidents, Senator Helms rose to chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee and placed North Carolina on the 20th Century political landscape. Therefore, we believe our records offer a wealth of information essential to understanding modern United States and North Carolina history.

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Thirty Years & Seven Presidents

Richard Nixon • Gerald Ford • Jimmy Carter • Ronald Reagan

George H.W. Bush • Bill Clinton • George W. Bush

Senator Helms Commitment to the Military

Notable Names

Al Gore • Billy Graham • The 14th Dalai lamaJoe Biden • John wayne

Madeleine albright • Margaret thatcher • John travolta & Tom cruise

Senator Helms Supporting Free Enterprise

Agriculture • sports aviation banking

auto industrytextile