Museum, Exhibits and Tours

Senator Helms’ number one directive upon the creation of the Jesse Helms Center was that it not be considered a “dusty old museum.” Opening in 2001, and with that directive in mind, the Helms Center features a replica of Senator Helms’ Senate office, an interactive model United Nations and an exhibit dedicated to the Presidents Helms served with during his 30 years in office. Also, the Charles A. Cannon Free Enterprise Hall of Fame honors free enterprise heroes for their contributions to business, the economy and society and has recently been updated.

The Jesse Helms Center’s interactive museum is open for free, self-guided tours, Monday – Friday (9 am-5 pm).

The award-winning “Courage of His Convictions,” a twenty-minute look at Senator Jesse Helms’ life, is available for screening and is appropriate for all ages. A scavenger hunt for elementary, middle and high school-students can be arranged upon request. For more information contact Ladonna Snodgrass, Facility Coordinator, at (704) 233-1776, ext. 1.