Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect and how do we go about collecting it?

If you contribute to the Jesse Helms Center/register to attend a Jesse Helms Center event or program/register to receive information from us through visiting our physical museum or our website/make a purchase our museum store in person or online, we may collect your name, home address, email, phone number and payment information.  The information we collect is submitted by individuals through forms (on the internet and in person), through mail, via telephone and over email.  We do not install cookies to track web visitors’ activity, and we do not utilize covert methods of obtaining personal information.

How do we use this information?

Individuals’ information may be shared with third-party organizations to complete financial contributions, purchases from our museum store, and the sending of e-news.  We only work with third-party organizations that utilize appropriate privacy features and do not retain the right to our customer’s information.  Present third-party companies we utilize include PayPal, Volusion, FormSupply, and iContact.  We may also use your information by sharing your name and mailing address with other like-minded organizations you might find of interest.

What control do you have over your personal information?

Individuals always have full control over what type of personal information they share with us and can, at any point, communicate their desires regarding how we use that information.  Requests to change, remove, or limit information can be directed to the Jesse Helms Center by phone at (704) 233-1776; by email at  (or through our online email form); by fax at (704) 233-1787; by mail at PO Box 247, Wingate, NC 28174;  or in person at 3910 US Hwy 74 East, Wingate NC 28174.

How do you protect the information?

Information is protected through website encryption and updated security features on our third-party partners’ websites and services, on our websites and through our emails.  Servers containing individuals’ information at the Jesse Helms Center are secured in locked rooms with password protection.  Only carefully selected staff are able to access those servers.  Employees are limited to how much and the type of data they can access about individuals.  Returned mail/donation forms/program registrations containing credit card numbers or other sensitive information are shredded immediately when we finish utilizing such information.  Locations where individuals’ information is kept are secured with passwords, locks and other appropriate security features.  Information submitted by individuals under the age of 18 is never shared without express parental consent.