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Senator Helms established his role in the modern conservative movement with his mastery of policy issues and written communication. As a former newspaper writer and vice president of WRAL, he understood how important it was to write and express one’s position and opinion clearly. After entering office he went on to pen several notable speeches and important books. The Jesse Helms Center offers some of those books today and has added to the Senator’s body of work with other publications

Currently in limited release:
Thirty for Thirty: Thirty landmark addresses given by Senator Jesse Helms during his thirty-year legislative career edited by the Jesse Helms Center
Thirty for Thirty offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a great American hero. Often lampooned for his unwavering commitment to our nation’s founding principles, these carefully selected speeches and writings allow readers to fully understand Helms’ personal views and political reasoning.

The following books are available to read free online through Google Books:
Here’s Where I Stand by Senator Jesse Helms
In this illuminating memoir, Helms discussed his role in the rise of conservatism and the Religious Right, the forces that shaped his political philosophy, and the prominent position he held as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He also sheds light on the people he befriended, and, at times, beat back.

Empire for Liberty by Senator Jesse Helms
In Empire for Liberty, Helms articulates his clear, principled approach to foreign policy: “I believe in a sovereign America. I believe she has a moral mission to fan the flames of freedom across the globe. But I am convinced the only way “America can fulfill that moral mission, and become the ‘Empire for Liberty’ Jefferson hoped we would be, is to defend and protect our liberties, our Constitution, and our national sovereignty.” With a foreword from Lady Margaret Thatcher, it’s a can’t miss read on Helms’ vision for America.

Additional books available by request include:
And the World Came His Way: Jesse Helms’ Contributions to Freedom, co-authored by Jesse Helms Center President John Dodd

Jesse Helms and the Legacy of Nathaniel Macon by Dr. Ronnie Faulkner

When Free Men Shall Stand by Jesse Helms

To request a copy of one of these publications, please contact the Jesse Helms Center at (704) 233-1776.